Hors-d'oeuvre, 2013

First solo album / Premier album solo

In 2009, Claude discovered the harp guitar. It was love at first sight! Claude was seduced by the versatility of the instrument allowing him to benefit from the diverse facets of his talent (as a guitarist, pianist, composer and arranger). This underestimated instrument (which has nevertheless a century of age) possesses an impressive register, just like the piano and the harp. Through his music, Claude expresses a wide range of feelings, styles and sounds as you will easily notice when you listen to his first solo harp guitar (20 strings) album Hors d'oeuvre where he proposes four original compositions and the re-reading of popular music hits. You will be touched by the fineness and the beauty of the arrangements.

« Claude Laflamme's new CD has enjoyed being played over and over in my car while I'm on tour.  This is something rare.His music has exceptional musicality and depth and this recording captures all of that. » Muriel Anderson, harp guitarist, USA

«... Claude’s impeccable rhythm and recording quality do not disappoint.» Gregg Miner, president of the Harp Guitar Foundation, USA

«...with his harp guitar arrangements and compositions, it is clear - he is a natural!» Stephen Bennett, harp guitarist, USA 

«...Harp guitars have a bigger, almost orchestral sound and broader range than 6- or 12-string guitars, and LaFlamme takes every possible advantage of these qualities on this collection. The harp guitar lends the bass notes extra depth and resonance, most notably heard on "Prelude" (Claude Gagnon), a gorgeous classical piece, and the intensely atmospheric "Tubular Bells" (Michael Gordon Oldfield). LaFlamme's original compositions are quite varied in tempo and style, with jazz, classical, and gospel influences, and his arrangements of others' compositions are equally arresting. LaFlamme has a lot of fun with the pop songs, giving a Baroque twist to "Eleanor Rigby" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, and Peter Tardif), throwing in jazzy improvisational riffs into "Isn't She Lovely" (Stevie Wonder) and chiming harmonics in "Time After Time (Cyndi Lauper & Robert Andrew Hyman). "Hors-d'oeuvre," or appetizers, means a selection of small bites with different flavors and textures, and that's exactly what listeners get here. The mix is lively, studded with unexpected shifts in rhythm and melody, played with grace, flair, and wit. And for the guitar connoisseur, this is a wonderful introduction and exploration of the possibilities of the harp guitar in very assured hands.» © Céline Keating, Minor 7th

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En 2009, Claude découvre la harpe guitare. C’est le coup de foudre! Il ne peut en être autrement avec un instrument aussi polyvalent lui permettant d’exploiter au maximum les diverses facettes de son talent (guitariste, pianiste, compositeur et arrangeur). Cet instrument méconnu (qui a pourtant un siècle d’âge) possède un très large registre, à l’image du piano et de la harpe. Quand il en joue, Claude cherche d’abord à exprimer un vaste éventail d’émotions, de styles, de couleurs sonores. C’est ce qui nous frappe à l’écoute de son tout premier album solo de harpe guitare (20 cordes) Hors-d’œuvre où il propose quatre compositions originales et des relectures de quelques œuvres marquantes de la musique populaire. On ne peut qu’être séduit par la subtilité et la beauté des arrangements qui exploitent à fond tout le potentiel de l’instrument et de son interprète.

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